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Chris Delaney


Best Personal Advice:

Aim each day for Progress rather than Perfection.

Favorite Binge-Busting Food:

PB2- “Powdered Peanut Butter” on a Double Fiber English Muffin

Name: Chris Delaney
Co-Founder & Journalist
12-Year Veteran of Radio & Television News
Total Pounds Lost: 67

How I Lost It:

I am a news junkie. It is my profession, my hobby, and my obsession. I believe deeply, that if you want to change who you are as it relates to food, fitness, and overall health, you need to engage in ‘news immersion’. If you want to be healthy, you have to live in that world. Read what a healthy person would read. Strive to inform and educate yourself through reading and research. Seek out the experts.

In recent years, I made a sincere commitment to do that very thing… and it worked. Hence, my passion for Skinny Scoopers!

My struggles with weight began at 12 years old when my Mom passed away & I turned to food for comfort. It was an all-too-common, yet horribly unhealthy relationship with food that ensued. Unfortunately, I wasn’t genetically blessed with a metabolism that would be forgiving of typical teenaged junk food binges either. From that age on, my weight didn’t just yo-yo... it did ‘walk the dog’ and ‘around the world’ stunts! A fiercely focused girl, I could succeed at nearly every extreme diet I tried (and I tried them ALL)... but going off the diet would be like pulling the ripcord on an inflatable life raft. I’d instantly balloon back up!

Sanity finally prevailed by way of Weight Watchers® after the birth of my second child. Contrary to my crash diets of the past, the weight loss was slow & steady, and though I’m not normally a terribly patient person, it was satisfying. I learned a simple truth about myself in those meetings too—although I was a champion dieter, avid exerciser, and reasonably intelligent woman, I didn’t understand the first thing about healthy eating and moderation. Not only would I come to realize that extreme restrictions and rapid weight loss are unhealthy, they’re incredibly unrealistic as an ongoing way of life.

Though I have reached my Weight Watchers goal and am now a “Lifetime Member”, I still use the Momentum Plan, count points, and track my food. EVERY DAY. These are the things that I now understand won’t ever “end” for me if I want to keep the weight in-check. And yes... I exercise like crazy! Each week, Lisa and I manage to come up with a few hours for “friendship fitness”... walking, jogging, or wheezing our way through boot-camp class. Along the way, conversation always turns to cutting calories, counting points, or which jeans look cutest on us curvy girls!

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