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Lisa Plummer


Best Personal Advice:

When you're in weight loss mode, only weigh yourself once a week...

Favorite Binge-Busting Food:

I'm hooked on ONE POINT® Alternative Bagels by Western Bagel!

Name: Lisa Plummer
Co-Founder & Journalist
Business Developer, Researcher & Reporter
Total Pounds Lost: 35

How I Lost It:

I'm a research girl… whether it was determining the latest business trends in 6 years of being a corporate project manager or sleuthing through healthy headlines now as a reporter... I compulsively dig into the facts and figure out what I have to gain from it or how it applies to me. Now I do that for YOU.

I am a full-time mother of four and struggle with the same challenges many women face. One of my biggest troubles over the past years has been my weight.  I was always skinny growing up and didn’t realize that would ever change.  IT DID!!!  After four kids and 10 years of marriage I realized I had to dedicate time and energy to my health, losing weight and keeping it off.  That quest has led me to share my experience with others hoping to connect with sisters on the path. I have tried many diets.  I was an Atkins fan for years and used the program to lose over 30 pounds two different times.  At first, it worked for me but unfortunately it was not a way of life so like most people I gained it all back PLUS.  After the birth of my 4th child I joined Weight Watchers and acquired many tools. Among them, I learned the discipline to plan meals, eat healthfully and incorporate exercise into our family life.

I am now a lifetime Weight Watchers Member and achieved my goal before my baby’s first birthday. I lost 30 pounds following Weight Watchers and consider myself a winner in this slow and steady race.  I know I will not yo-yo this time because I have changed my life through my quest for knowledge about food, fitness and let’s not forget FASHION!!

My journey has not been alone.  I have spent the past years with a dear friend and others in similar situations.  Our dedication to this effort led us on this awesome trail together.  The pursuit for the latest and greatest tips for weight loss and keeping it real has been the most fun I’ve had in ages.   THANKS CHRIS!!!!

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