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Christina Aguilera



OH the post baby years of yo-yo dieting. Do we know this one well. But can you imagine having to lose the poundage war so publicly? Such is the case for Christina Aguilera, who has bloggers buzzing about her appearance in L.A. at an event on Saturday.

Many claim to be puzzled because Aguilera had already lost the baby weight. Quickly. She snapped right back. Ummmm..... duh? Could that be part of the problem? Those who have followed us for any amount of time know that this really gets our knickers twisted. The pressure that Hollywood puts on these young Moms to snap right back is SICK. How often do you see the tabloids splashing photos of young new mamas with the exclamation- "such-n-such gets her pre-baby body back in just 3 weeks"?

Aguliera was pregnant in 2008 and did gain some weight which she seemed to drop pretty fast after. Who's to say why she's gained some back. Maybe it's the regain that inevitably happens when you crash diet or adopt extreme routines. Maybe it's her hectic roles as mom, singer, actress, wife. MAYBE she's human like the rest of us who try to juggle it all and sometimes fall short.

We think she's rockin' some pretty hot curves- whether her weight is up OR down. The voice kills too girl. Now let's talk about maybe mixing in some low-lights on that bleach job....

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