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Celebrity Trainer Shares Top Tips



Are you struggling to lose those last stubborn five pounds? If your workout progress has peaked maybe it's time for a celebrity trainer. Especially if the expert advice is free.

According to Gunnar Peterson trainer to stars including Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey, people plateau for a number of reasons. The list includes lack of change in their exercise program, waning workout intensity, poor sleep and less than adequate nutrition. His top tip to breakthrough is to take a few days off and catch up on sleep. Sometimes pushing through your training is just not the best approach. More often that ends up resulting in an injury. 

So back to those last five pounds. If you want to shake it up Gunnar suggests first to diminish the calorie content of your meals as the day goes by. Start big and end small. Sounds difficult but consider this is just to lose the last pounds not to maintain the loss. Next he suggests pack each meal with protein and have that be the first thing you eat. Third and last is to just say no to processed foods. His point is not about calories or fat but just that it's hard to fine-tune your engine when it's clogged with chemicals.

Most importantly, have patience. Depending on how long you've been dieting and how honest you're being with yourself with your choices, it may simply take time. Patience my rear, patience.

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