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Silk PureAlmond Dark Chocolate


I do not like milk. Not from a goat, not in boat, not from a cow or with a sow. I do not like milk to drink I just do not and so I think... I might like a different drink. Dark chocolate almond milk from Silk.

Truth be told, Skinny Scoopers Lisa hates milk. I just have an aversion to the frothy white stuff unless it tops a hot cup of coffee. But we know how important it is to include calcium in your daily diet and we've found a another way. Almond milk.

Silk's PureAlmond boasts 50% more calcium than dairy milk, 100% lactose and dairy free, no saturated fat or cholesterol and just 120 calories per serving. Almond milk is loaded with natural antioxidants and now comes in a new tasty flavor- dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate almond milk? Sounds like a cup of rocky road to me. Since I'm not a milk lover it's hard for me to say whether you traditional moo lovers can make the swap. For me though, this is some tasty stuff.

One serving is just 120 calories, 3 grams fat, 1 gram protein and 1 gram dietary fiber. You can find this just about anywhere milk is sold. They even offer a coupon for you to try it.

MOOOOve over cows milk. Enjoy!


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avatar Julie H.
That's all I use on my cereal: Almond milk. Will definitely try the dark chocolate almond milk. I printed the coupon! Thanks!
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