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Fight Fat With a Cool App!



You've heard the saying... "there's an app for that". Certainly it's true when it comes to losing weight, tracking food, and reaching fitness goals. But if you've ever searched for a handy little food journal or exercise tracker in any app store, you'll know how overwhelming the choices can be. We've spent the last two months putting several diet apps to the test and while there are a handful of new ones worth downloading, we've come up with a hands-down favorite.

The Calorie Counter Pro by My Net Diary.

Whether you're an Apple Aficionado, Droid Devotee, or Blackberry Buff this APPsolutely awesome tool will work on your phone. Our favorite new find even works on the iPad. This is EASY to use and comprehensive without being complicated. My Net Diary can track more than food, calories, fitness. It helps you be mindful about the amount of water you're drinking, monitors daily vitamins, and even lets you enter your measurements, weight, and photos of yourself. But here's the REALLY cool part- use your phone's camera to scan the barcode of any product and get instant nutritional stats that can be entered into your daily tracker. CRAZY right?

Though there are many free apps to choose from these days, this one is worth every penny of the $2.99 it cost us. Straight from the My Net Diary website, here's how you can get your hands on the version you need:

  • For iPhone & iPod Touch: download iPhone Pro App from the iPhone App Store (the links open iTunes), or read about our iPhone Calorie Counters to learn more.
  • For Android: download from the App Market, simply search for MyNetDiary.
  • For BlackBerry: download from the BlackBerry App World™, or read about our Calorie Counter for BlackBerry to learn more or download over-the-air (OTA).
  • For iPad: download MyNetDiary for iPad from the iPhone App Store (the link open iTunes), or read about our iPad Food Diary to learn more.

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