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Po-ta-DOH Diet



What we're going to tell you about here may sound like diet disaster, but it's also pure marketing GENIUS. Chris Voigt, the head of the Washington State Potatoes Commission has vowed to eat nothin' but taters to the tune of 20 each day. For SIXTY days straight. No bacon & chives on top, no gooey cheese, no steak on the side. Just... potatoes.

Is this the latest wacky weight loss gimmick? Nope. It's just one man's way of spreading the word about his love of the spud. Voigt claims he wants to educate people on the nutritional value in potatoes. We're guessing at this point he surely must recognize the job security he just created for himself too. We say that because Chris Voigt has become something of a media darling. The national news is all over this stunt. Even our beloved Today show is talking about this guy.

Given his title, we were sure there would be a lot of CORN to go alongside this potato tale. We figured he would gush the whole time about how much he loves all those potatoes. We love that he's keepin' it real by confessing he has grown weary of the same ol' spuds. Voigt is about halfway there, and recently shared with one paper that he was so desperate for a pickle one day recently, he soaked a potato in pickle juice and ate the potato. Nice, right? He's mashed em, baked em, fried em.... his wife even made an attempt to whip up a batch of potato ice cream.

We can't say we approve of his stunt, but there's no denying this spud stud has pulled off a brilliant way of marketing the upsides of his harvest. Click here to follow Chris on his journey and to learn more particulars on the potato!

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