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HCG Exposed



We reported on the popular HCG diet some months ago and now we're coming back to you with the latest scoop. According to the FDA, the many popular HCG weight loss products are fraudulent and even illegal. The promise of dramatic results is just not correct.

The FDA states there is no scientific evidence that the over-the-counter products are effective for weight loss. Although they may not be dangerous, HCG supplements are "economic fraud" at a minimum. Samuel Klein of Washington University School of Medicine concures, "Data from the most randomized controlled trials show that HCG is no better than placebo in achieving weight loss or reducing hunger."

Even experts in the supplement industry agree that the products aren't legal and don't work. HCG is not considered a legal dietary ingredient and therefore can't be sold as a dietary supplement. And if that's not enough evidence, consider that HCG is a peptide hormone and is only broken down in the stomach where it is then rendered ineffective.

If you're one of the few who have had success using HCG, good for you. We're pretty sure nothing on the market will keep us satisfied eating a mere 500 calories. There's always the slow and steady route.

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