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We don't know what the weather is like in your neck of the woods, but if you're shivering it may help you lose a few. According to an article in the New York Times, it seems that warmer indoor temperatures may be contributing to our waistlines.

When we are exposed to extreme cold, we shiver to generate body heat and burn calories in the process. This action called non-shivering thermogenesis may tap into the dreaded brown fat we carry on specific areas of our bodies. Brown fat unlike regular body fat acts like a furnace. When we're cold our internal furnace kicks on and consumes calories to keep us warm. In order for our brown fat furnace to run, we need cold temperatures.

Think this is scientific mumbo jumbo? In the journal of Obesity Reviews, researchers found that since central heating became common in the 1960s, room temperatures and waistlines have both steadily increased. When people are in a 60 degree room, they increase energy expended by 100-200 calories per day. Over the course of several weeks, that adds up to an extra 3,500 calories. We know that means a pound. Hmmmm... turn down the furnace and get moving.

This may not be the answer to your weight-loss challenges, but it could actually be a healthy habit to adopt. The only catch is you can't bundle up in a sweater and get the same affect. In the privacy of your home, take it off and get moving!

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