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Best Bras For a BIG Boost


Every woman needs that one perfect bra in her life just like she needs a very best girlfriend to travel the path with. After all, the two have so much in common. Much like your BFF, a good brassiere is there to lift your sagging spirits. It will point you in the right direction when you stray off course. And just like your best bud, this bra should hold all of your ‘secrets’ as opposed to, ahem... letting them spill out all over the place.

This bra shares a commonality with her human counterpart in one other critical way. You need her more than ever once children come along. Remember the bras that you could get away with wearing in your early 20’s? Before pregnancy, nursing, and weight fluctuations? Forget spaghetti straps... those babies were vermicelli. Thin lace cups, a ONE hook closure as opposed to the eight on your Grandma’s boulder-holder? Well, just like some of the flaky friends we partied with back then, those bras no longer serve their purpose. Try to wear them now, and you will risk running around with what Gen-Y’ers are none too kindly calling “Elf Shoes”. Haven’t heard this term? Us either until one of Skinny Scoopers favorite nieces brought us up to speed (Thanks Susan)!

Yes, as you might guess, “Elf Shoes” are a phenomenon created when a woman with sagging breasts wears an unsupportive bra. Back in the day, I believe we called these ski-slope boobs, but alas a rose by any other name...

With that little education, we can all agree on objective number ONE. Find an Officer & Gentleman bra. That is, one to ‘lift us up where we belong’. Objective number TWO? Make sure said bra is pretty enough to still be appreciated when the shirt comes off! We don’t know about you, but Skinny Scoopers are NOT ready to wear silo-sized cones on a back strap that is wider than the state of Texas. Just because your hooters need a hoist, doesn’t mean you should be forced to sacrifice sexiness.

Tough as they may be to find, there are good bras out there that offer beauty along with a great big boost. And if you look hard enough, you can find them to fit any budget. Here now, a list of our favorites:

Victoria’s Secret
Let’s start with the obvious. After all, Vicky’s name is synonymous with all things undergarment. Skinny Scoopers’ Lisa just discovered the
Very Sexy Push-Up Bra with ULTIMATE lift. We just like the way that SOUNDS. Yes you can almost hear Lisa whistling a new tune these days..

With a criss-cross strappy-back & just a little foam... these old girls love their new home!♪

In other words, the specs on this bad-boy include an underwire, some plush padding, and convertible straps. The Very Sexy® goes up to size 38DD and comes in black, evening blush, warm nude, and leopard. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Skinny Scoopers’ Chris loves, loves, loves this company from across the pond. Founder Sarah Tremellen launched
Bravissimo as a mail order company in the U.K. when she became fed-up with the “enormous matronly contraptions more suitable for landing parachutes”, that were offered to women needing a D-cup or larger. Sure enough, shopping on the Bravissimo website is not a matter of “which bra might fit me”... it’s simply “which one do I like?” And for the record we like them ALL. Seriously supportive yet incredibly feminine and sexy, the selection seems endless. Adorable matching panty sets make this company that much more appealing for any woman who loves lingerie. Bravissimo cup sizes start at D and run clear thru the alphabet all the way to K. Yes, we said K. As in AFTER H, I, and J. That makes our back ache just hearing it.

This next helpful hooter-hint comes from a Skinny Scooper Subscriber who has been with us from day one. Kristen is always searching for bras that come in larger cup sizes and offer good support. Turns out, this would be her year to strike gold... or SILVER to be exact.
The Wacoal Silver® “Embrace Lace” Underwire Bra retails for $46.00 at Macy’s. Kristen calls it “THE most perfect bra... its so sexy but it holds the girls way up there”! She’s not alone either. This bra has a growing fan club on Macy’s website. A solid 5-star rating from every customer who reviewed it. Skinny Scoopers agree, it is VERY pretty and feminine. The “Embrace Lace” comes in black or nude and runs the full gamut of sizes up to 38DDD.

Affordable Finds
We round-out our list with two brands that rank high for being supportive and
affordable. First stop... the famous red & white rings of Target. The Gilligan & O'Malley® Demi Bra with Lace Wings is very comfortable & quite flattering too. Smooth padded cups meet a pretty lace band that doesn’t itch. It tops out at 38D and comes in basic colors including black, white, nude and two shades of pink. Here’s the best part... it retails for $12.99!

Moving on now to JCPenney. Skinny Scoopers say what a cool surprise to see such a beautiful line of lingerie here. We’re talking about Ambrielle®, Penney’s collection of bras, panties, shapewear and sleepwear. You must see and wear to believe... Ambrielle® is the ONE pick on our list that meets ALL THREE standards we were looking for. Many of their bras are super sexy and flirty, CRAZY supportive, and priced right. There were so many that fit the bill (we tried on nearly 15 styles), we leave it to you to decide which one from the line is your favorite. As an added bonus (shall we call it a ‘booby prize’?), JCPenney has a stock up sale underway... buy one get one 50% off on select bras for a limited time. 

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention in closing that today, our publishing date on this story, just so happens to be Dolly Parton’s birthday. How appropriate right? Dolly is 63 and still cute as a button. But we know that’s not the stat you’re curious about. So we did what we do best... research. SHOCKINGLY, no less than 5 sources put her size at a 40DD. Skinny Scoopers say NOT POSSIBLE!!! Is it just us, or is that a tad understated? We love you anyway Dolly, and take heart... even if you went braless, we doubt the words “elf shoes” would come to mind. Bookmark and Share


avatar Sally Rose
Since having my daughter I am now a 36J and a size 16 and I have struggled to find clothes and bra’s to fit me.. It’s not as if my size is that un-common. Recently I have started shopping online as there are far more options available. Beau Dame lingerie is a good site, they always have my size they do plus Size lingerie and Womens Bikini Swimwear for larger sizes, I think they do up to a K cup.
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