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Muffin Top Jeans


It was the Philadelphia Inquirer's adorable fashion columnist who wrote the words that caught our eye... no more muffin top. Could it be? A "bottom up" solution to the unfortunate side effect of stylish low rise jeans that have been a cruel joke on moms everywhere? Elizabeth Wellington's article profiled a company launched by 3 savvy women, M'Chic. To be sure we love the idea of these jeans. Poking around the company's website, the before and after pictures are impressive. Smoothed silhouettes of women who remind us vaguely of ourselves.


The positive attributes of these jeans just may be numerous enough to forgive that funky looking waistband. We suppose it depends how plagued you are by this particular problem. Lisa has worn maternity pants through four pregnancies. She's not going back. Chris is letting fear rule her failure to buy. Yes, she's the one who always wears matching bra & panty sets... haunted by Grandma Hazel's repeated warnings that you never know when you'll be involved in an accident and need to be whisked away by a paramedic. These jeans leave Chris with the unsettled feeling that emergency room personnel might rush her off to the maternity ward.

Clearly this is one fashion find you'll need to evaluate for yourself. Wellington's story referenced sold out inventory in certain boutiques, so these ladies must be on to something good. Click here to browse the full M'Chic selection.

Photo Credits:

Philadelphia Inquirer

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