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Add a Dash of Denim


There are many fashion comebacks that make us shudder, but the denim do-over is not one of them. We love the relaxed Americana feel to faded blue & lightweight cotton. Never too dressy or fussy, and best of all, even the curviest girl can rock this look!

Designers are churning out denim in an endless array of accessories for Spring, and People Style-Watch is calling this fabulous fabric the season's MUST-HAVE!

Here now are Chris & Lisa's favorite picks for curvy chicks:

denim_hoboLucky Brand's Denim Hemp Good Karma Hobo on sale at Zappos for $96.19.

lauren_shirtdressLauren Jeans Co. Dress Singleton Denim Shirtdress. 149-dollars at Macy's.

necklace_dressA dress & necklace in one? We LOVE this idea! Head to Nordstrom to find Donna Morgan's Necklace Chambray Dress $118.00

ruffled_tunicOne of the cutest plus-size picks we found was Avenue's Austin Ruffled Denim Tunic Blouse. $38.90

ruffle_shoesGotta love grabbing a cute find where your daughter shops! Tilly's is the spot for these sassy shoes. Full Tilt's Denim Ruffle Women's Shoes are super cute & affordable too... 24.99

chambray_jumpsuitOur final pick (pictured right) falls into a different category entirely...  the "What NOT TO WEAR" category. Not only does this Matthew Williamson jumpsuit make it look like you're trying to smuggle small children through customs, it's priced at $895. Seriously? Hammer-Time.

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avatar marna davis
Love those shoes so much I am about to order them!
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