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Beware the Summer Footwear!


Chris loves them and Lisa LIVES in them. That's why your Skinny Scoopers are discouraged by yet another warning on flip flops. Time to wake up and smell the rubber we suppose. In an article posted on Yahoo! Shine, doctors and experts are sounding off after a study of 100 flip-flop wearers was released at the American College of Sports Medicine's annual meeting last week. The real headline? Wearing flip flops can cause the same strain and damage as wearing a pair of 3 inch heels.

The issue of course, is support. Or lack thereof. Since tendinitis & hammertoes don't sound particularly pretty or fun to us, we thought we'd take their tips to heart and share some of the American Podiatric Medical Association's top picks for flip flops that offer better support. We scoured the selections from EVERY company they gave high marks to and came away with only a few picks from ONE brand because quite frankly (and sadly), supportive sandals are still mostly ugly. This IS our fashion section after all, and if we wouldn't be caught dead wearing them, what's the point in promoting them? As if to suggest we might wear them. AS IF!

Be warned however- if Target and Old Navy flip flops are flimsy but affordable, the supportive ones on the approved list generally come with a MUCH higher price-tag.

FitFlops wins the day for our list-within-the-list and actually has a couple of really cute picks. Best of all, they boast toning ability too. A workout while you walk? We are IN!

Our favorite was designed by Anna Sui for the company. The Fiorella is adorable and flirty. Find 'em at Nordstrom for about 85-bucks.

We also love the Pietra in Bronze. 65-dollars.

The REBEL is so brand new we couldn't pull a price, but from the looks of 'em on the Fitflop website, they are cute, funky & FUN! Studly, right?


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