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I like big BUTTS and I cannot lie...


The NY Daily News headline reads "Big Butts are 2010's Hottest Trend". Well slap our rumps and call us trendy then... because no two women are better "accessorized" than Chris & Lisa. Seems a bubble shaped bum is not only acceptable these days, it's downright desirable. 

Perhaps there is no better evidence than a product like "Booty Pop", rising to meet the demand of a plumper appearance to a gal's posterior...

Not that there's any rush (or NEED) to mix this item into our OWN wardrobe... but it is a nice piece of supporting evidence that having a bubble butt may not be the curse that it was in Jr. High over 20 years ago. And the news just keeps getting better... according TO the daily news, this is no passing fancy. Rounded rumps are here to stay.

"Gone are the days of being ashamed of a wider bottom, with America becoming more diverse amid shifting standards, according to Stylesight trend analyst Sharon Graubard.

"I think it's about the diversity of our population and more accepted beauty, and a wider range of accepted beauty," Graubard explains.

She says that African-American and Latino cultures have long respected a larger bum."

There's even a new read hitting shelves, and it's totally dedicated to juicy rumps. "The Big Butt Book" features a whole host of famous fannies. Here's hoping it's not a scratch-n-sniff.

Read more at the NY Daily News!

NY Daily News

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