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Do These Yoga Pants Make My Butt Look Big?


We are IN to the idea of this holistic mind-body exercise. Problem is, most yoga pants make us look like we belong at the State Fair with all the other stretchy-pant-tube-top-wearing women who flirt with the toothless carnies. Yes, to be sure, a girl has gotta choose wisely when it comes to her yoga pants. We were horrified to discover recently, an actual Facebook fan page called "Fat People Shouldn't Wear Yoga Pants". Mean spirited? You bet. But the photo was admittedly kinda funny (if not HORRIBLY disturbing)...


Kidding and gross-ness aside, here are a few picks that will look good on even legs that are a little lumpy...

First up, two bargain bin finds.


Target's Icon Women't Flat-Waist Yoga Pant (photo on left) sells for 19.99.
Also at Target... a pant we simply love for it's name! Icon by Marika's "Magical Tummy Tuck Pant". Nuff said right? Photo on right, $22.99.


Lululemon Athletica is a shop we LOVE. Chris just discovered this yoga H.Q. on a trip to Santa Barbara. Pricey to be sure, but really cute styles and Heavenly fabrics! This style is the one she wears most- the "Still Pant". As in I still can't bend that way no matter how many yoga classes I take... 98-bucks. Thrifty Yogis can find a FABULOUS knock-off on this exact cut at Walmart. The Champion peeps have put it out and the fit is awesome. Different, right? We love the way they are relaxed and don't squeeze the beejezus out of our legs & booties.


Our final contender for the greatest Yoga pant ever is from Lucy. Another over-our-budget line that we can't help but LOVE... The Organic Satya Pant is 78-dollars.

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