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Krystal Lost 86 Pounds Using T-Tapp


Krystal's amazing story according to her mom...

My daughter had just given birth in November 2008 and wanted to lose the extra weight from the pregnancy. She needed an exercise routine that she could fit in each day, on top of two little ones of her own to take care of and a home daycare to run. We both have had issues with low energy level and weight gain due to hypothyroidism. We both have back pain, as Krystal has scoliosis and I've had a herniated disc and low back pain my whole adult life. I needed to lose around ten pounds and Krystal needed to lose around 80-100 lbs.

In January 2009, we found T-Tapp and created individual charts to track our weight and inch loss weekly and took our beginning measurements. We followed Instructional 1, moving on to Basic Workout Plus when ready, and later on we added the Awesome Legs exercise from the website to the routine adding about another five minutes of exercise. In the beginning, we often did the routine together, but when we couldn't we found it very important to call and encourage each other to make sure we fit it in every day. Having an exercise buddy who you report to and receive encourage from is a great incentive to continue!

Sometimes we'd be doing it just before bed at 11:30 at night, but we always felt better for having done it. Let me just say this is a deceptively simple looking 15 minute routine! Neither of us had exercised in awhile and at first it was really hard but by the fourth day, it was already much less difficult and painful. After a couple of weeks it seemed easy, yet we both continued to lose inches and/or pounds weekly. We did it faithfully every day for six months and measured once weekly and we never had a week when we didn't lose somewhere.

When summer came and through fall, we did slack off a little but still managed to fit it in a few days a week. Now, we're getting back to doing it daily again after the holidays and we both already feel better. The only other exercise we did during this time was some walking, either outside or on the treadmill. As far as our diets, we ate normally except used better portion control and cut out junk food and pop. We did try to eat a lot less processed food and more healthy choices as well.

Krystal's starting weight was 222 lbs. Her current weight is 136 lbs. For a total weight loss of 86 lbs. Her inch loss during the past year has been: 12.5” Bust, 11” Waist, 17.5” Abs, 11” Hips, 9.25” Upper Thigh, 5.75” Lower Thigh, 3.25” Calf, and 3.5” Arm. This is a total inch loss of 73.75 inches!

We would just like to say thank you so much to Teresa for giving us an exercise program that really worked for us and that we can stick with in the future. When we're ready to move on from Basic Workout Plus we're both excited to try some of the other workouts that are available. Thanks, Teresa!

Way to go Krystal. For more info on T-Tapp Click Here. YAHOO!

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avatar robin
would love more information on T-Tapp!!! click here didn't work! awesome job Krystal....
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