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Monique & Kim Week 20


Monique's Journey Week 20


Hello All!  It's that time again!  HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS ORLANDO WEEKEND!!!!  Fun HEALTHY Times to be had by all!
Okie Dokie... Let's chat.  I'm going to ramble a little bit about my crazy week!  First things first... IT'S BEGUN!!!!! What, you ask?!?

MY DISNEY HALF MARATHON TRAINING!!!!!  I am sooooo excited!!!  I watched a few of my friends "Do Their Thing" this weekend!!  My running coach ran her BEST HALF YET!!! (So Amazing) and My Favorite Jersey girl finished her FIRST Half Marathon (She is still RIDING HIGH).  In all the excitement of the weekend, I "met" a women in Ohio on Facebook that COMPLETED her FIRST HALF MARATHON with her daughter!!  They walked the entire race with an AWESOME TIME!!!! Alexis and Sophia Reminded me of the SPIRIT and the HEART of a WINNER!!! I salute them!!!  ;-) I had a few aches and pains from work (and the KILLER BOOTCAMP CLASS on SATURDAY Led by Barb as I tried to keep up with the little jumping jelly beans Judy and Pam) But I woke on Monday PAIN-FREE!!!!  We are running and lifting, and HAVING A BLAST!!!  I KNOW this won't be easy BUT I KNOW it will be WORTH IT!!! ;-)


I also met with my local #TeamTampa from my FitBottomedGirl's Challenge for the first time!  Teresa, Shevanne, Monica, & Jessica are ready to ROCK IT!!  Looking forward to increasing my knowledge of nutrition!!  We check each others Body Bugg numbers during the day!  Kim, has given me WONDERFUL TIPS that I am able to share with my Local Team!! 
My weigh-in is a LOSS... 248.2 It's minor but MAJOR when you consider the "Hormones" are at work!! *wink wink*
Okie Dokie.... The next Pic is for Kimmie and all my support.

Ok, Friends... Let's Put On Our

Love Ya Lots
Dr. Mo

Kimmie Week 20

Hey ladies!  I can't believe these weeks are flying by so quickly.

I am happy to report I had a good week.  I lost 4 lbs. this week!!!  I was a little nervous because I stood on the scale Monday (Tuesday is my official day) and it was up 4 lbs.  I was happy to see that was gone by Tuesday morning.  I made good choices last week.  I resisted the temptation around the office with the pie, cookies, cake and Halloween candy.  I swear those fun size snicker bars just call my name.  I looked up the calories and realized how long I would have to workout to work off that "FUN SIZE" bar and all of a sudden it didn't seem like so much fun any longer.

I also really had a good time working out this past week.  I was focused and really put in what I needed to in the gym to get the job done.  On the weekends I really enjoy my long trail hikes and this past weekend both Saturday and Sunday I got out there and put in some miles.  At the end of my hikes I did squats and let me tell you - I can really feel those squats in my legs days later!  I LOVE THAT BURN.

Mo is training for her first half marathon, so she has some super duper exciting things to share.  I plan to make it another stellar week this week.  I am going out of town Thursday morning and will be gone until Sunday and don't have control over the menu planning but I will be portion controlled, and I will move lots.


**Coach Kim is keeping a close eye on our gals & staying in contact from the road as she travels the country singing the praises of bodybugg... make sure you cheer Kim & Mo on as they go solo for a stretch. Yahooo!

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