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Monique & Kim Week 24


Monique's Journey Week 24

Hello My Friends!!!  So much is going on since the last time we spoke.  OMG>>> IT IS ALMOST TIME FOR THANKSGIVING!!!!!!! <~ Yes... I'm SCREAMING!!! There is SO MUCH TO DO, and SO LITTLE TIME!!! I have been "Working The Plan" It is IMPERATIVE that I Log My Miles, Eat clean (so hard for me) and continue to Hit my BodyBugg Targets.  One of the things that I was told and I NOW KNOW it to be true is that RUNNING/TRAINING for a HALF-MARATHON and weight-loss DON'T MIX!!! LOL!!! It's completely OK!!  I was prepared for the "Excess water in my muscles" during those long runs!!  Luckily, I have been taking measurements and the inches are STILL DROPPING!!  My weigh in this week is 244 pounds!!  I am eating slightly more carbohydrates to fuel my runs!  As per Hal Higdon's training program, we are going to be running a 5K in St. Petersburg, Florida on November 21, 2010.  WISH ME LUCK!!!!  Ok, it's time for me to complete my 4 mile run (in my new running shoes) and lift some weights (and STRETCH)
Until, Next Time.... (I'm going to share the THANKSGIVING TREE that we put up at one of our Nursing Homes)


Happy Thanksgiving!

Love Ya Lots
Dr. Mo

Kimmie Week 24

I always feel like I bore you guys, I never know what to say.  The last month or so my weight has been stagnant and it has been very frustrating for me.  I stayed the course and FINALLY I am happy to report my weight is moving downwards again!!!  I had a 4 lb. weight loss this week!   I have been very diligent about planning my meals and eating only what I have planned.  I have resisted all the temptations around the office and I feel so empowered and lighter on my feet.  I have also been super faithful with my workouts.  I have tried to switch it up and do different types of workouts.  I am hoping to be able to If nothing else I have realized just how much hard work and dedication this whole weight loss thing takes!  I’m not  afraid of hard work though.  And  the way it makes me feel having baggy clothes is priceless.  This is the week before Thanksgiving and we won’t be back until after Thanksgiving, I can’t wait to report a loss to you guys!  Yes, I committed to losing over the holiday weekend.  I will be traveling the weekend after Thanksgiving so I know it will be a challenge.  You may have heard this before but it is so true, nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

I hope you all are blessed with many blessings this Thanksgiving holiday. 

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avatar Kat
You both inspire me so much! I will be thinking of you and the race on Sunday, Mo! And Kimmie - you are gonna rock your Thanksgiving loss! Happy Thanksgiving to both of you - I am so grateful that you both are in my life! xoxo
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